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Welcome to the East African Whale Shark Trust

In Kiswahili the whale shark is called “papa shillingi”, translating as “shark covered in shillings”. There is a local legend that God was so pleased when he created this beautiful fish, that he gave his angels handfuls of gold and silver coins to throw down from heaven onto its back. So it goes that whale sharks have their magical markings and swim near the surface, catching the sun on their backs, as a way of saying thank you to their maker.
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Our Goals

To establish a permanent database for collecting and analyzing the environmental and ecological parameters of the whale shark population size, movements and habits in the region, thus providing data to substantiate the decision making process vis-à-vis eco-tourism, fisheries, conservation and protection both locally and regionally. It is hoped that this will increase international pressure for the CITES to be reviewed in order that the whale shark be classified as an endangered species. Currently the whale shark is on Appendix II requiring only that trade be monitored.
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Projects & Volunteering

The newly launched turtle workshop is the brainchild of the EAWST founder Volker Bassen. It is well-known that countless turtles get caught in fishermen’s large mesh nylon drift nets and meet their death by drowning.
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